Up For Building a Cloud? We’re Recruiting!

Pallets of servers arriving at one of the SWS data centres.
Good news everybody!
Our cloud endeavour now has an official name: Swiss Web Services AG. I’ll try to write more about that later, but right now I’m hoping someone out there wants a new challenge ;)

We’re currently looking for three people to join the team building and, eventually, maintaining our OpenStack cloud. We’re looking for, in order or priority;

We’re looking for people who can work and deliver without detailed direction and who are up for taking on new challenges, even when they’re unexpected.
In return we can promise that you’ll learn a lot and have ample opportunity and support to develop professionally both on the job and through training of your choice.

If you’re interested please follow the links above for a full profile of each role and details of how to get in touch with us.

And as always, thanks for reading :)


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