The Shadowman

A Dell PC with a Red Hat "Shadowman" logo

I received a complaint about my last post announcing our Swiss cloud project. It seems that one of our main partners for this endeavour was most displeased, but not by what I wrote.

They didn’t like something in the photo which accompanied that post. At the end of last week, I received a letter from Shaun Martin, EMEA Operations Director for Red Hat;

Bart (van den Heuvel) has contacted me after his recent trip to your offices about the high profile of MS stickers all over your Open Stack lab.

Now we can’t have that, so please find enclosed a number of Shadowman logos

Naturally, we felt inclined to agree!

So Shaun, Bart, Steve, and all our friends at Red Hat, this one’s for you, and as always, thanks for reading :)


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