Getting Started

The Golden Gate Bridge seen from Marshall's Beach.

While writing this first post I kept remembering my English class back in school. Whenever we had a creative writing lesson and were told to write a story about… something, I’d always spend ages trying to think of how to get started.

Getting started is, for me at least, always the hardest part. Once the ball’s rolling it tends to keep rolling, so now that I’m over that hump and without further ado;

San Francisco

So why have I got photos of San Francisco here if I’m supposed to be writing about tech?

Because that’s where the chain of events that led to this blog began.

Over the course of last year I got to play and work with Amazon Web Services (AWS) quite a bit. Its speed and simplicity and above all flexibility, compared to the traditional corporate IT approach, convinced me that this, or something very much like it, is the future. In fact I came to the conclusion it was going to put me out of a job eventually!

So I decided to embrace the new world of the cloud and dived into to AWS as much as I could. This culminated in a trip to San Francisco to attend Amazon’s Architecting with AWS course, which I’ll post more about later.

What Next?

On the plane back, after being subjected to a pat down by the TSA for having a passport about my person (I’m not making that up, they really did pat me down for not putting my passport through the X-ray machine!), I got to thinking about what to do next.

I decided to search for user groups, communities, blogs, etc. for people working with AWS and cloud computing here in Switzerland and found… nothing, not a brätwurst!

As far as I can tell, while there are people using these technologies in Switzerland, there seems to be very little sharing going on. So, with the support of my manager and employer, Datalynx, I’ve decided to see if I can start something. And this blog is, hopefully, the first step!

Stay Tuned…

So there’s more to come. I’m looking to attend the International Super Computing conference in Leipzig in June and AWS Re:Invent 2013 in Las Vegas in November, so if I make it expect some posts from these industry events.

I’ve also got some things related to AWS to post, and I’m looking to get started with OpenStack soon so I’ll post on that as it happens.

If anyone is reading this, which I doubt at this early stage, then I’d very much welcome any comments, feedback, or topic suggestions for the future.

And lastly, thanks for reading :)


4 responses to “Getting Started

  1. Agree completely about AWS being the future.
    I will be following with care, and possibly asking advice when opportunity strikes!

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